Help support a homeless person for 365 days

The Program



Offer 2 meals per day to a homeless person at Accueil Bonneau

for 1 full year by donating $2000.


365 days = 365 occasions to help improve a life


With your support, 365 days will transform into 365 occasions for us to help reintegrate a homeless person back into society and improve their quality of life. 

Have a team activity for your employees (optional) at Accueil Bonneau (e.g.: serving a meal).




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Personalized thank you message from our team to yours throughout the year;


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Donation receipt for 100% of your contribution.

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Accueil Bonneau’s mission is to contribute to the reintegration of homeless individuals back into society.

To do so, it helps them regain a stable living environment, autonomy and improve their quality of life.

Bonneau 365 is an initiative driven by Fondation Accueil Bonneau and the community to support the work of Accueil Bonneau all year round.


"Bonneau 365 can positively turn someone’s life around with a little help throughout the year"- David Nault, iNovia


Please contact us for more information

138, Saint-Pierre Street
Montreal (QC) Canada  H2Y 2L7

514 845-1565


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